Cecil County Green Infrastructure Avian Monitoring

Volunteer Opportunity!

Green infrastructure is Cecil County’s natural life support system, an interconnected network of forests, wetlands, beach grasses, waterways, and floodplains, which includes parks and other conservation lands, such as farms. Green infrastructure includes large blocks of forests, wetlands, and stream networks.
The Cecil County Green Infrastructure Plan will explore opportunities and potential partnerships to protect, improve, and expand natural lands. A comprehensive green infrastructure network can reduce the effects of heat and provide additional recreational opportunities (e.g., bird watching) through connected parklands and greenway trails.

As part of the process, a mapping assessment and draft plan will be prepared. MBCP partner Susquehannock Wildlife Society will conduct habitat assessments and develop management recommendations on a sample of County-owned land within the Green infrastructure network. MBCP will coordinate a year-round avian monitoring assessment on three County-owned sites (see the map above). Surveys will be conducted every other week in the morning and evening (doesn’t have to be the same day). We are using eBird as our data collection tool, and eBird hotspots have been created at each site.

We need volunteers like you to bird these sites from now through June 2020.

Participating in this project is easy! The basic survey protocol is as follows:

  • Spend 1-2 hours birding the site

  • Record everything you see and hear using eBird and the appropriate eBird hotspot

  • Bird the area at least every other week (more often if you want to!)

  • Visit the site during the morning and/or evening

Contact Chris Eberly if you can participate in this eBird project. Download the complete Cecil County Green Infrastructure Avian Survey Project plan and survey protocol.