Education Working Group

The mission of the Education Working Group is to promote an appreciation of Maryland birdlife, the need for conservation knowledge of avifauna, and establish, help identify, and support educational projects. Goals include:

  1. Publish and distribute publications and other relevant documents to disseminate information on birdlife and their habitats.

  2. Provide resources to educators about birds, habitat, and conservation.

    • Schoolyard Habitat Assessment Tool

    • Adopt-a-School to link MOS chapters to local schools

  3. Work through existing established programs such as Flying Wild, Growing Wild, Project Wild to expand their capacity, resources, and outreach to the public.

  4. Promote the establishment of schoolyard habitats and backyard habitats for birds with partners.

Looking to get involved? Contact the Education Working Group Chair, George Radcliffe (radclifg ‘at’