Maryland Species of Greatest Conservation Need

There are 143 avian species determined to be Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) in Maryland’s 2015 State Wildlife Action Plan. Species of Greatest Conservation Need status is determined by state experts by considering:

  • current conservation status

  • changes in abundance and population trends

  • distribution and changes in habitat condition

  • relative concern and population status within the Northeast region

  • an increase (or decrease) of existing threats (e.g., spread of disease, illegal trade, increased loss of habitat, new invasive species

The Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership compiled a document that summarizes information in the State Wildlife Action Plan regarding Maryland's birdlife, their greatest threats, and conservation actions that will reduce these threats. It includes a table on statewide or arching conservation actions, and describes how the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership is supporting efforts to reduce threats to birds and enhance conservation actions throughout the state.

Below are some birds with Species of Greatest Conservation Need status in Maryland, as well as information about their threats and how you can help.

(Please Note: this page will fill out as we publish our species profiles)

Wood Thrush-  Hylocichla Mustelina

Wood Thrush- Hylocichla Mustelina

Common Loon -  Gavia immer

Common Loon - Gavia immer