MBCP Newsletters

MBCP produces a monthly newsletter that highlights work accomplished by our organization as well as by our partner organizations.


November-December 2018

Symposium Keynote Speaker Announced. MBCP Partner is DNR's Conservationist of the Year. Port Tobacco Eagle Nest Cam Now Live. Drones and Wildlife: How to Minimize Wildlife Stress. Species Profile: Long-tailed Duck. Partner Spotlight: Southern Maryland Audubon. It's Christmas Bird Count Time! State recognizes economic importance of birds.

October 2018

Symposium Registration Now Open! Fall Sandhill Crane Survey needs volunteers. 2018 Summer Wild Turkey Survey Results. National Bird Conservation Priorities. Maryland Farmland Raptors Project. Partner Profile: NCR-PRISM. Species Highlight: Northern Harrier. Birds in the news: insect declines, Black Rail to be listed.

September 2018

MBCP working groups have big ideas for 2019. Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust supports IBA monitoring. MBCP working with the Maryland Ornithological Society on next Breeding Bird Atlas. MBCP seeking sponsors for symposium. Partner profile: Ducks Unlimited. Species spotlight: American Kestrel.


August 2018

Maryland Bird Conservation Symposium on tap for January. Species Spotlight: Black Skimmer. Why birds hit windows--And how you can prevent it. DNR Building window retrofit. Partner Profile: Eastern Shore Land Conservancy. Watch and listen - female birds sing!

June/July 2018

Native trees, shrubs provide more food for birds. Insects and aerial insectivores decline. Species Spotlight: Eastern Whip-poor-will. Partner Spotlight: 1000 Friends of Maryland. Birds eat 400 to 500 million tons of insects annually. Maryland Birds in the News.

May 2018

New parcel evaluation tool could help birds. Species Spotlight: Green Heron. Partner Spotlight: Scenic Rivers Land Trust. Bacon Ridge Natural Area.

April 2018

MBCP and Audubon Maryland-DC partner again to monitor IBAs.  Weather radar helps identify migration stopover sites in Northeast.  Species profile: Killdeer.  Eagle harassment by drones continues.  Partner profile: Maryland Biodiversity Project

March 2018

Public Input Sought on Maryland Land Conservation and Recreation. Maryland Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Update. MBCP Partners Meeting Postponed. Species profile – American Kestrel. Partner Profile: Conservation Community Consulting. Maryland Birds in the News.

February 2018

Introducing the Maryland Bird Observatory Network. Poplar Island – Build It and They Will Come. Partner profile: Safe Skies Maryland. Species profile: Long-tailed Duck. Save the Date: Annual Partners Meeting 4/7. Maryland Birds in the News.

January 2018

2017: A Year of Accomplishments for the Partnership. MBCP Unveils Auspicious 2018 Outlook. 2018 Year of the Bird: Common Loon. MBCP Participating in MOS Annual Convention. Maryland Birds in the News.