Volunteer Requirements

To become a Bald Eagle Nest Monitor you will need to spend a small amount of time getting trained to collect good observations that will be comparable to those of other observers.  Good citizen science depends upon dedicated trained individuals making careful observations of eagle nests and the behavior of the adult Bald Eagles near the nest. 

Volunteers are required to make nest observations three times during the nesting season. The first time will be in January-March to record adult and nest activity, second is in late April to count chicks in nest, and the third observation in in Mid-June to Mid July to count fledged young. During observations, care must be taken not to disturb nesting birds.

Volunteers must also be willing to provide personal contact information so that MBCP can communicate about the project. They must also provide accurate coordinate locations of nest site through use of GPS unit, Smart Phone, or online map such as Google or Bing. Volunteers must take time to accurately learn how to monitor nests through our provided resources such as Bald Eagle ID and Bald Eagle Biology  as well as our training program.

To register:

  • Read the Bald Eagles in Maryland fact sheet.

  • Register by filling out the Participant Registration Form below. Please note you will be asked to answer three simple questions about what you learned in the fact sheet.

  • Upon completion of registration you will be contacted by our volunteer coordinator with nest assignments, project guidelines and training manual, login information for our online data entry portal, where you can enter your Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Data.

Important!  Great care must be taken to respect private property and to not disturb the nesting eagles, especially during the sensitive egg laying and incubation period.

Questions? Email our project coordinator at mdeaglenests@gmail.com