The Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership is proud to promote citizen science monitoring programs throughout the state that benefit any and all bird species. 

The primary objective of the Nightjar Survey Network is to determine the population distribution and trends of Nightjar species across the United States. There is a general sense that populations of these species are declining. Information on the precise scale and magnitude of population changes are necessary if we are to plot a course for conservation.

 Nightjar Surveys are standardized population counts conducted along roadside census routes at night. A route only needs surveyed one time per year but during a very specific time window (see specific dates below). Surveys will not take much longer than one hour to complete. The only experience necessary is a familiarity with each Nightjar’s characteristic song. For 2019, surveys in Maryland should be conducted between May 11 - 26 or June 9 - 25.

This effort is coordinated by The Center for Conservation Biology at the College of William and Mary and Virginia Commonwealth University. But success of this monitoring program can only be achieved with dedicated volunteers like YOU willing to conduct Nightjar surveys.

Available routes in Maryland are shown below. To adopt one of these routes, visit the Nightjar Survey Network website.

Download the instructions to see what’s involved. It’s a fun way to do some nighttime birding and contribute to our knowledge of nightjars!