Researchers and bird enthusiasts have placed wildlife surveillance cameras near the nests of many different species of raptors such as Hawks and Falcons, in order to observe the breeding behavior and activities of these secretive birds from a safe distance. The live video feeds from many of these nest cams have been made publicly available on the internet, allowing people from around the world a unique opportunity to experience the exciting moments during the breeding season of a raptor, like the laying of the first egg, the young hatching out of their eggshells, feeding of young, and, finally, the dramatic moment when the young take their first practice flights out of the nest. Best of all, we get to watch it in real time! For a unique perspective on the breeding season of a pair of Bald Eagles we recommend reading Inside a Bald Eagle Nest, authored by Maryland biologists Teena Gorrow and Craig Koppie.

Below is a selection of nest webcams that are worth visiting. Most video feeds are active once the birds return to their nest sites in the spring until the young leave the nest in the summer. The Bald Eagles of southernmost Florida, however, are expected to lay their first eggs in early December!

Unlike most raptors, Ospreys frequently choose man made structures such as this artificial nest platform to support their large stick nests. This pair is chasing off an intruder attempting to steal nesting material from their platform.