Symposium Agenda

Confirmed speakers (titles of talks may change):

  • Keynote - Mike Parr, President, American Bird Conservancy

    Keynote Address brought to you by Carl Zeiss, SBC LLC and Maryland Ornithological Society

  • 20 years of avian response to a restored grassland in Queen Anne's County - Maren Gimpel, Chester River Field Research Station, Washington College

  • The value of Important Bird Areas in Maryland for Species of Greatest Conservation Need - Dominic Serino, Chesapeake Conservation Corps intern with Audubon Maryland-DC

  • Nocturnal migrant recording - Daniel Irons, YMOS

  • Natural Lands Project and Northern Bobwhite conservation - Dan Small, Chester River Field Research Station, Washington College

  • Restoring and creating saltmarsh for imperiled species - David Curson, Audubon Maryland-DC

  • Bringing Costa Rican Endemics, Education, and MD Birders Full Circle - Patrick Newcombe, YMOS

  • Reducing avian mortality in urban environments - Beth Decker, Safe Skies Maryland

  • Flight to Extinction: The Conflict between American Progress and the Passenger Pigeon - Claire Wayner, YMOS

  • Forest Interior-Dwelling Species and forest bird conservation - Eric Sprague, American Forests

  • Farmland Raptor Nestbox Project of Montgomery and Frederick Counties - Suzanne Shoemaker, Owl Moon Raptor Center

Program also includes:

  • Panel discussion with speakers

  • Moving Bird Conservation Forward: Next Steps

  • Youth photography and art

  • Posters by professionals and students